Company’s Background

AEMOS Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian based company pack with international experience. We pioneered the open hole technology technology in Malaysia providing value added to the oil and gas in Malaysia. Value added is central to AEMOS Sdn Bhd and is a driving force for its business and people.

With international expertise and experience AEMOS Sdn Bhd provides technological solution in enhancing well productions, deciphering well profiles and monitoring well integrity. Trough its comprehensive network compounded with its tactical and operation expertise AEMOS Sdn Bhd is able to match new technologies and existing technologies to targeted wells. This services also applies for re-completion wells thus in one expect we enhanced oil recovery (EOR) Technological transfer is through smart partnership based on principal-agent relationship. Currently Aemos Sdn Bhd operates in sand management, telemetry technologies for wells and inflow control devices. In addition our services includes consultation services and laboratory analysis. In line with our technological transfer directives Aemos Sdn Bhd has a manufacturing plant in PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone).

AEMOS Sdn Bhd is an appointed member of the Petronas VDP (Vendor Development Programme) licensed under the wire wrapped screen category. This programme has strengthen AEMOS, solidifying it into a competitive manufacturer supplier in this category.