AEMOS Sdn Bhd is a Technology Provider for the oil and gas industry. The technologies are based on IT platforms that improve production, well profile and integrity monitoring remotely. AEMOS Sdn Bhd established in 2004, its headquarter is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  AEMOS core competencies are:

  1. Technical expertise

    1. This competency couple with global knowledge enable AEMOS to provide the right technologies according to the well characteristic

  2. Cross-cultural knowledge and experience

    1. As a technological provider cross-cultural knowledge enables AEMOS to be a global player and provider. The ability to understand different cultures enables successful technological assimilation by user as well as providing the right solution.

Within 3 short years in January 2007, Aemos Sdn Bhd was appointed as a vendor for Petronas under its Vendor Development Programme (VDP). VDP is a programme under Petronas to develop entrepreneurs under its programme into competitive global players.