Vision and Mission Statement

AEMOS Sdn Bhd is a Technology Provider for the oil and gas industry. The technologies are based on IT platforms that improve production, well profile and remote well integrity monitoring. AEMOS Sdn Bhd established in 2004, its headquarter is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  AEMOS core competencies are:

  1. Technical expertise

  2. This competency couple with global knowledge enable AEMOS to provide the right technologies according to the well characteristic 

  3. International knowledge and experience

  4. As a technological provider cross-cultural knowledge enables AEMOS to be a global player and provider. Understanding culture difference enables successful assimilation and application of these technologies by the end-user. Providing the right solution stems from our proficiency in deciphering well characteristic as well as familiarity with policy and procedures of international oil and gas companies.

Aemos Sdn Bhd pioneered open hole sand control screen technology and inflow control device in Malaysia. The ability to provide appropriate and value added technology to the oil and gas industry to Malaysia stems from its core competencies. Aemos Sdn Bhd realizes that the same solution will not always work for same problem. A problem may be similar in its geographic make up and causal effect but its solution will vary it terms of cost, management approach, corporate culture and limitations. As a company that understands the intricacies of the oil and gas industry internationally and locally Aemos Sdn Bhd is able to provide timely and correct solutions for its clients.

Base on the foundation of strong technical and operational background within 3 years of its inception Aemos Sdn Bhd was appointed as a vendor for Petronas in January 2007 under its Vendor Development Programme (VDP). VDP is a programme under Petronas to develop entrepreneurs under its programme into competitive global players. VDP has nurtured Aemos Sdn Bhd to blossom and grow in stride and allow it to prove its capability to international and local clients of the oil and gas industry.

Our product portfolio is constantly evaluated to ensure streamlining of business and products that add value to overall product offering, providing a holistic approach and unique solutions to the client.


“Indigenous in our humble start, International in our entrepreneurial progress”.


Creating Value in Oil and Gas technology solutions and offerings in line with Malaysia’s aspiration to be an innovation-led economy.

Mission Statement

AEMOS will provide value added products and services at global standard. The company shall conduct business practices with its technology partners, suppliers and clients based on good corporate and Islamic governance.

Value Statement

Value is the end result for our customers. Value will be created through:

  1. Update of knowledge and technological expertise

  2. Application of new technologies

  3. Improvement and application of new process or system

  4. Emphasis on Corporate and Islamic Governance

  5. Providing solution that create efficiency and/or effectiveness

  6. Conduction of complementary activities for our partners and stakeholders that mutual value and satisfaction